Developer flies in face of Hangar Homes refusal

By Kirsty Dawson

UNDETERRED by having his plans rejected, the man behind the innovative Hangar Homes is to take a new course in order to get his project off the ground at Lee-on-the-Solent.
Peter Day, Director of Hangar Homes Ltd, continues to have his proposal to build modern, aviation related homes on the Solent Airport (Deadalus) site rejected.
In a process that has been taking place since 2017, plans have been rejected on the grounds that Gosport Borough Council and the owners of the land, Fareham Borough Council, did not feel the homes met the requirements for the use of land situated west of the control tower which has been zoned for `mixed use` (commercial and employment).
Mr Day said: “Regarding where I am with the planning application for this new site, I have taken advice from FBC and will be putting in for a Pre-Application Discussion with the planning department before submitting a full planning application, irrespective of what my website states, as that was before I got the advice from FBC.
“I realise that FBC is not keen on my plans, as they see them as residential units, but in reality, the development is for 12 mixed-use hangars where the whole of the ground floor is designated for commercial use with residential use above, giving a split by area of 55 percent commercial to 45 percent residential use.
“So far, I have nine aviation-related companies interested in one of these units, including myself, with an average number of employees including directors of about four each, giving a total of nearly 50 for the whole site, which is a higher employment density than existing companies on the airport.
“Given that the proposed site is currently zoned for commercial use, but is unsuitable for an industrial estate because it can only be accessed through a housing estate, then mixed-use hangars are an ideal use of what would otherwise be redundant land, that would help to safeguard the airfield and make it more sustainable, as each unit would contribute directly to the airport operation. Also, if it were to happen, then it would be the first of its kind in the UK.”
In 2018, the original scheme had initially been accepted by GBC but the decision was reversed after the local elections which saw a new set of councillors on the council’s regulatory Board. Mr Day lodged an appeal but this was refused.
If he is given the go ahead, one of the units will be used to run Hangar Homes Ltd and Velocity UK, the exclusive agency for the Velocity kit aircraft in the UK and Ireland who would then be able to partner with engineering students at CEMAST College, Fareham.
Sean Woodward, Leader of Fareham Borough Council, told The Globe: “Fareham Borough Council is the landlord concerned and has made it clear on numerous occasions that it will not be having housing on any part of the 85 percent of the Daedalus site which it owns. The site is all about jobs.”