Barbel fishing at Maltkiln Lane

First barbel of the week a small 5lb specimen

The Gosport Globe’s man with the angle, Kevin Richards and pal David Hancock decided to go on a barbel fishing trip last week. Earlier expeditions this  season had seen them cast off from Gosport for the River Wye at Lucksall and on to the River Severn at Shrewsbury after fishing Sydney Avenue barbel fishing the opening week.

So, with ‘bigger fish to fry’ (none was hurt in the making of this production), off they went to the River Trent to catch bronze bars of barbels  at Maltkiln Lane, with the prospect of a few days looking for a session at Bob’s Island as well.

Where they managed to get 3x 11lb Barbel, 1 x 5lb barbel, 2 x 2lb barbel, 2 x eels and several bream

11lb River Trent Barbel by Dave Hancock