Borough release exciting update on stadium projects

By Connor Steel

GOSPORT BOROUGH have offered all their supporters an exciting update on multiple ‘reburbishment’ projects as they prepare for this upcoming 2024-25 season at the AEI Stadium; which will see them celebrate their eightieth anniversary as a club and build upon a successful twelve months for the side as they made their way to the “promotion semi-finals”.

A team of volunteers have completed a series of close season works around the stadium; which is much older than the club itself and was said to be needing a lot of “cosmetic love”. This includes its overall presentation and planning in key parts around the ground to better deal with a larger crowd number, with the average of 600+ fans going to every match.

For example the main stand has seen its flooring section replaced and wooden seating repaired; allowing supporters to stamp their feet in celebration or frustration safely / sit comfortably through all games. The front wall and stair approach has also been repainted in navy blue / yellow to match the club’s official colours; ensuring a fresher look for the visitors.

Stadium perimeter fence painting has been conducted to improve general appearance within the club and public areas have been jetwashed alongside signage; thus removing any natural dirt and grime that has built up around last season. The safety hatching nearby the Mizen Stand has further been re-painted to ensure safety for stadium compliance rules.

Both the home and away dugout spaces have been refurbished with fresh windows recently installed by Gosport Home Improvements; whilst they have further been completely re-clad, cleaned and re-painted to give a fresh look. A massive effort has also been made ‘backstage’ to remove unwanted items that have been kept over the years as the extra layer.

Meanwhile the TV gantry ladder has been replaced for safety reasons and alterations to Jocks have been made to help improve matchday operations; something that the club called tougher than a “Rubik’s Cube”. A new television has been installed inside the Boardroom Bar to improve viewing of the games whilst commemorative benches were also re-oiled.

The club have thanked their volunteers and supporters for their “hard work” in preparation for the new campaign, which will begin at the AEI Stadium in July with three pre-season encounters. Their first is due to be played on July 16 against Portsmouth, before matches against Horsham (July 20) and AFC Bournemouth (July 26) are further hosted by the side.

PICTURED BY GOSPORT BOROUGH FC: Freshly refurbished ‘dugout’ spaces after the improvements made recently.