Businesses mark apprenticeships week

SENIOR DIRECTORS AND MANAGERS, as well as young people at the early stages of their career, are sharing their experiences of being apprentices, in celebration of National Apprenticeship Week 2022 taking place until this weekend (7 – 13 February 2022).

Rachael Randall, Solent LEP Business Director and Chair of Skills Advisory Panel, explained: “I’m delighted to celebrate apprentices during National Apprenticeship Week 2022, and highlight that, as well as young people, anyone at any stage of their career can start an apprenticeship.

“Many employers now see apprenticeships as a way of recruiting and developing staff with the specialist skills needed for the continued success of their business.

“There are a great deal of rewarding and varied apprenticeship opportunities out there to help shape long term careers, including degree apprenticeships providing greater ‘on job’ training than purely academic courses. Here at the Solent LEP, I’m proud to say we’ve supported, and continue to support, a number of successful apprentices in various areas of business, from marketing to compliance & regulation.

“With a growing number of apprenticeships available, I’d urge people to consider an apprenticeship as a career pathway, achieving qualifications while earning, and equipping themselves with the skills needed for future success.”

The Solent LEP will be celebrating the stories of local apprentices through a social media campaign to mark this year’s National Apprenticeship Week, aiming to inspire both young people and those further along in their career.

Paul Marston, Co-Founder & Director at Eidos Consulting Ltd, said of his journey: “Starting an apprenticeship gave me a real sense of independence. It was a real opportunity to develop a lifelong skillset and to earn while doing so.

“Doing an apprenticeship gives you so much more than just a qualification – it gives you experience of how to interact with others in a working environment, how to conduct yourself in a professional setting, how to dedicate yourself to a long-term project, and much more.

“I was a far more rounded and skilled individual for doing my apprenticeship and I would thoroughly recommend apprenticeships to anyone looking to develop knowledge, skills and their future career prospects.”

The Solent Enterprise Partnership (LEP) worked with a wide range of current apprentices, working in different industries in the Solent region, as well as established managers who have succeeded in their careers by completing apprenticeships.

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The Solent LEP’s recently refreshed Local Skills Report [] details how training and skills development is critical to the region’s economic prosperity, with apprenticeships playing a key role in ensuring businesses have the talent pipeline needed for future success.

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PICTURED: Government poster outlining details of Apprenticeship week