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Council announces re-opening of Crossfell play area

By Connor Steel

FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL have announced the ‘re-opening’ of the Play Area located at Crossfell Walk following a huge development project in this space; which included the recent installation of new family friendly equipment and a mixture of good sensory activities for all residents as part of a £100,000 scheme which was funded by the Government.

New Mayer, Councillor Pal Hayre, opened the site in a ceremony last Thursday and the Play Area has been enjoyed by many familes marking the end of half term. It follows a past closure in early April for the work to be carried out safely by Wicksteed Leisure who were awarded ‘official tender contracts’ to undertake this development back in December 2023.

Residents were given the opportunity to voice their opinions on the project and 345 people expressed their preferences / suggestions to the council through public consultations which ran for a number of weeks last Autumn. This came after the council was given a £1 million share of UK Shared Prosperity Funding from the Levelling Up Department (DLUCH).

New equipment were installed at this site including sensory pathways, an inclusive butterfly play panel, communication board, a speedway roundabout, a surf rider, floor graphics, fun games and a hammock swing. Two flat swings and two springies were also positioned within the area alongside a see-saw; whilst the previous cycle path has been re-located.

Monkey bars, a balancing beam and a wobble bridge have all been installed just outside of the space, whilst the Multi–use Games Area (MUGA) has been fitted with new play panels and floor graphics, including a 3-lane race-track. And it is now open for use after the Mayor cut a blue ribbon last Thursday whilst goody bag treats were given for the children.

Readers may explore a full quote from Councillor Connie Hockley via this web link; whilst further information about the council’s programme of improvements is linked here. They can also sign up for the council’s social media pages online.

PICTURED BY FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL: Mayor ‘re-opens’ the Play Area at Crossfell Walk at event last week.