Council giving Gosport playgrounds a makeover

GOSPORT BOROUGH COUNCIL have announced that three local play areas will be being revamped under new plans to make them fun for families alongside offering more opportunities for challenging activities catering to all ages and abilities; confirming this in a press release on their website earlier this week.

Work is already underway on the first playground located at Kings Road Open Space and the area has been closed for the development. Once finished it will feature new equipment for high-activity play, including an abseil-style ‘track rider’ alongside a junior play tower and themed castle space for toddlers. The council hope that the area will be open to visitors again by the middle of April.

The second playground under development is located at Tukes Avenue, where there will be a ‘teen zone’ designed to provide challenging activities. New equipment includes climbing blocks and an exhilarating ‘cliff rider’, which will allow kids to pole-vault from one platform to another. A fitness space will also be created with outdoor exercise equipment that are suitable for both adults and teenagers of all ages, with the space ready by early May as the park will remain open unless otherwise stated.

And finally the play area in Walpole Park will be refurbished with new equipment set to be installed on the site; which will include sensory items and a wheelchair carousel. Also planned is a themed pirate ship and rotating interactive boat, with the popular outside gym being moved and fitted with new equipment. This work is likely to mean a closure of the existing play area some time after the Easter holidays, with completion due to finish in late May when development is concluded.

Speaking after this announcement the council’s Streetscene head Stevyn Ricketts, said the following: “It’s really important for local families that children have safe places to play, with modern equipment that challenges them and helps them develop – while having lots of fun, of course. I’m really glad we can improve what these three areas offer and expand their appeal.”

PICTURED: Walpole Park, one of the three open spaces in Gosport where playground facilities are being upgraded by the council later this spring under new plans released earlier this week.