Crematorium ‘clean-up’ warning to bereaved friends and families

Report: Connor Steel

Photograph: Portchester Crematorium

PORTCHESTER Crematorium is giving users an opportunity to remove unpermitted items from its gardens this week, before a cleaning operation is started in early July to prepare for a busy summer as lockdown regulations are relaxed and more mourners allowed to attend funerals.

From June 28, maintenance teams will undertake a clearance of both the garden and five-acre surroundings of the crematorium grounds, with notice signs visible upon entry to the site which is open for more than 12 hours a day at present during the summer months.

Unpermitted items such as plaques, ornaments, artificial flowers and related personal items will be removed from the site across next week (June 28 – July 2) before work commences. This will not apply to fresh flowers or green vases offered by the crematorium, whilst removed items mustn’t be replaced.

All property will be held in storage for three months before it is disposed of, meaning that personal items can be collected until the end of September. Property may be claimed using the garden clearance storage area, which is situated in the left corner of the main car park.

Site manager Victoria Hatton stated that the work is necessary to maintain and restore the gardens to a natural environment that is attractive to visitors who benefit from using the grounds to remember lost ones. She also thanked everybody for their co-operation on this matter.