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Days Out at Robin Hill


Globe Advertising Manager Kevin Richards is celebrating Easter by taking his wife, Joanne, young children and other family members – including some with disabilities – on a week-long break to the Isle of Wight. During the run-up to the holiday weekend the party have been enjoying a series of outings as guests of the outdoors adventure centre that is Robin Hill…

With 88 acres to explore, there is no shortage of scope to brighten up even the most hard-to-please jasmine, Joseph, or Jemimah at Robin Hill – see Robin Hill.

But what impressed one family member most was the way that the woodland, walks, countryside walks and even water gardens have been laid out so that they posed no obstacle to her wheelchair.

And for Dad, it was the helpfulness and friendliness of the centre’s staff that particularly impressed him.

Highlight of Robin Hill

As Kevin says: “I want a special mention for a young lad called Euan who drove the tractor that helped me push an electric wheelchair about 400 metres uphill after it ran out of battery. He didn’t know I was there representing the media and just went out of his way to help.”

Of the attractions, though, the clear highlight where the Gosport visitors were concerned was the falconry display and its stunning birds cared for by a team under head falconer Charlie. Kevin’s dramatic video clips have captured hawks swooping on their prey at speeds that exceed the acceleration of the birds fastest sports cars.

He will be providing more views of what is on offer as the break continues. Details of prices and how to book are available on the Robin Hill website.


The only real negatives we could find that if you are disabled and are wheelchair bound. You could have some difficulties as there are some steep hills and quite a lot of gravel on the ground which could cause you a problem unless you have an electric scooter.


Kids 5/5

Disabled 3/5

Young adults 4/5

Older Generation 4/5


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