Electric vehicle first for council

Photo: The new electric van. Reproduced with permission from Fareham Borough Council

FAREHAM Borough Council’s pledge to do its bit in the fight against climate change has ‘gone up a gear’ with the delivery of its first electric powered vehicle.

The council has promised to change the ways in which it operates in order to be carbon neutral by 2030 and the council’s climate change champion, Councillor Simon Martin, sees the switch to an electric powered fleet of vehicles as making an important contribution to meeting that aim.

Welcoming the arrival of the new van he said: “Bringing an electric vehicle into our fleet is just the start of our plans to make our vehicles greener.

“This, along with other changes we are making across our services, will help reduce our impact on the environment and move us towards our carbon neutral target.”

The new vehicle replaces an older, petrol van and will be multi use.

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