Ellipse buses diverting due to roadworks

By Connor Steel (including photo taken 26/03/2020)

USERS of the Gosport and Fareham bus services should expect further disruption to their travel plans until Bank Holiday weekend, with further information released this week about the progress of roadworks being carried out around Redlands Lane and the BRT bus route running alongside the A32.

Since July 19, bus users have found that some routes have either been delayed or diverted, with phrase two and three leading to closures of Fareham Train Station bus stop heading in both directions. This is due to finish on August 16 after three weeks of on-off disruptions, with commuters asked to use Station Roundabout to continue their journeys via a detour into the bus station; but this is not the end of potential issues.

Phrase four will start on August 17 and close the BRT from Redlands Lane to Wych Lance; although there is a closure sign on the entrance to Hutfield Link, Holbrook. According to First Bus the E1/E2 routes will travel down from Fareham using the A32 until Frater Gates junctions, before resuming alongside Titchborne Way / Forest Way into Gosport depending on the service’s normal route.

Routes 9 and 9A will divert to Wych Lane and resume normal route from Tukes Avenue heading towards Gosport. In the opposite direction towards Fareham; all routes will use Western Way to the Railway Roundabout, before going onto West Street into the town centre / bus station. Route 21 will continue to use the Avenue, Bishopsfield Road and Longfield Avenue in both directions; remaining unaffected.

This is likely to finish by August 22, with another two days of works planned to start within 24 hours. Monday (23/08) will see buses return to phrase three diversions using Palmerston Drive as its turning junction in both directions. Tuesday will also see disruptions for a seven hour period (9:30am-4:30pm) with similar diversions in place, with no further works planned from August 25 (Wednesday).

These roadworks are part of Hampshire County Council’s Operation Resilience project this summer, with work due in other areas of Gosport and Fareham this Autumn. A spokesperson for First Bus has apologised to commuters for the disruption caused this summer and thanked residents for their patience;  particularly with the recent pushes to get workers back into their respective offices after lockdown.