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Evening deluges causes Gosport flash flooding

By Connor Steel / Image from Alamy Stock Photographs

MAJOR road links in Gosport saw flash flooding on Wednesday evening as heavy rain battered the borough throughout the night, lasting several hours as drains struggled to cope following frequent downpours twenty-four hours earlier and more wet weather is likely in the next week according to BBC & Met Office sources.

The latest deluge of rain started at approximately 6:30pm as commuters travelled back from work, which combined with ongoing street light issues in some areas of the Boroughs. It comes as an amber weather warning was put in place for the Portsmouth area at 8:30pm which warns of surface water flooding and road closures alongside poor driving conditions. This is due to last until 2am on Thursday morning, when weather should improve into a calm and sunny end to the week.

So far at the time of writing flash flooding has been reported in several areas across Gosport; but at this time no reports of flooded houses or buildings have emerged.  At 9pm Forest Way in Holbrook saw large puddles across the route from Hutfield Link and Gosport Leisure Centre, with particular caution needed at Charnwood and Yewside junctions where drains are slowly overfilling despite a relatively dry day after storms last night (Tuesday).

Rowner Road has also seen flooding with a particular concern just outside the Green Dragon Pub, whilst there are also social media reports of growing puddles on Grange Road (Rowner) and Fareham Road at the Morrisons Petrol Station junction.  As the evening progresses, drivers and residents are encouraged to stay alert when travelling, with police asking everybody to take extra care in this extreme.

It is unknown whether the aftermath of today’s weather will overrun into the Thursday morning commutes, with trains delayed on Wednesday due to a fallen tree outside Fareham and drivers were forced to reduce speeds in certain areas due to surface puddles. Residents are advised to check their public transport and traffic news if needed in the morning to check for any existing issues that have emerged overnight,

Police have also thanked those volunteers and residents for their support so far this evening, with many social media users offering help and generous offers if the weather gets too bad for vulnerable or affected people. A Globe reader has also emailed to say that they had seen many residents supporting each other tonight, including those who are helping guide drivers by torches whilst waiting for highway teams to take over the worst affected areas.