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Firefighters release warning after large Gosport blaze

By Connor Steel

FIREFIGHTERS have released a warning to residents about the dangers of leaving e-bikes and e-scooters unattended after a large fire in Gosport on Wednesday evening (June 19); which let rip through several residential properties in Hill Park Road and has left a number of people homeless following an emergency operation lasting into Thursday morning.

Emergency Services were called at approximately 9:40pm to this blaze that started in a domestic three storey property before spreading through the ‘roof area’ to neighbouring addresses. Sixty firefighters were working at the scene during the peak of the incident using ten fire engines; whilst an aerial ladder platform was also used to battle the large flames.

Eight houses were damaged by the ‘intense flames’ and resulting smoke that was visible for large parts of Gosport and surrounding areas including Portsmouth. Neighbouring roads were further evacuated whilst this fire was brought under control by firefighters; this area made safe just before 2am after many potential hotspots were dampened and secured.

Local residents have been thanked for showing patience and offering to help each other during this incident; as well as keeping away from the scene to avoid the risk to public safety. Firefighters had initially asked people across Gosport to close their windows to avoid smoke entering their properties, particularly due to warm temperatures and wind direction.

Two residents were treated at the scene and they have now been released without further treatment; the fire thankfully causing little injuries. But a total of nine adults and four children were sadly ‘displaced’ as a result although they are all currently being supported by the local authorities; whilst a ‘GoFundMe’ page has been set up by local residents to help.

An investigation is underway into the exact cause of this fire but firefighters believe it was ignited by an e-scooter being charged within a property. This was outlined by Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire / Rescue Service in an online statement on Thursday which further gave advice to the owners of e-bikes and e-scooters in a bid to cut down on future incidents.

The force said that charging lithium batteries could lead to indoor fires like his one and asked users to be aware of any overheating / ignition risks; which includes faulty cables and the type of surface. Other related advice was covered like using ‘genuine branded’ products and follow the instructions of the manufacturers; with the link available to read online.

PICTURED BY HIWFRS: Image showing aftermath of this fire on Wednesday night that left eight properties damaged.