Floodlights cause Portchester cancellation

By Connor Steel / Photograph by AFC Portchester Media

PORTCHESTER’S midweek encounter versus Knowle-based Infinity FC was postponed at short notice, with the club encountering a floodlight issue that couldn’t be fixed in time for kick-off.

The cancellation of this local derby match was announced at lunchtime today, Wednesday, through social media channels .

The Royals were due to play their Wessex Division 1 visitors in the Russell Coates County Cup Competition, having beaten them 6-0 in early September to progress in the Wessex League Cup. U23 players and staff were  to play the match tonight after the first team’s victory on Saturday afternoon following illness in Dave Carter’s squad.

However an issue with one of the On-Site Group Stadium floodlights was identified during preparations for the match, due to kick off at 7.45pm. The club were quick to act as electricians worked on the problem, expecting  to finish in plenty of time for the match. Sadly complications caused by the windy weather meant the trouble-shooting took longer than expected, with no guarantee it would work for the whole 90 minutes.

Not wanting to risk any safety issues for fans and spectators, an early decision was made to postpone the match following discussions with their opponents and cup organisers. This was posted just before 1pm alongside images of the floodlight in question. Work continues to take place to ensure appropriate lighting is available for Portchester’s home game against US Portsmouth next Tuesday night.

Details of whether this match will go ahead are still to be confirmed, with some fixture congestion likely in November for the Royals. Fans are asked to remain patient and await further updates on the club’s websites / social media channels, although they are reminded that cup matches are not covered by their season pass and therefore a separate ticket is needed.