Gosport clears up flooding after heavy rain

By Connor Steel / Photograph taken by Gosport police

GOSPORT residents woke up on a wet Monday morning to flash flooding as overnight rain struck the area, with the recent unsettled summer weather and extreme downpours finally taking a toll on the town’s drainage system.

Sunday evening saw 31.9mm of rain hit the Borough according to localised data, with police taking action to shut two main roads to prevent damage to houses caused by moving vehicles.

As the rain subsided at approximately 8am this morning, it was clear that a clean up operation was needed and police swung into action. Within one hour Cambridge Road was shut in both directions, while Leesland Road was closed at the junction of Whitworth Road and Lees Lane as residents sought to limit flood damage. The Junction Tavern pub was unable to open today due to water in the pub, but is expected to open fully tomorrow (Tuesday). There were also reports that Rowner Road was affected near the George & Dragon Pub, as well as the junction of Carless Close to Grange Road in the Sultan area.

Although police deemed the roads impassable and barriers were erected using rubbish bins, this wasn’t the main reason for the closure of these roads. There were also concerns that water could enter people’s houses after it rose to abnormal levels, dredged up by moving vehicles and running down driveways. Due to a drain issue it was also believed that some of the water included sewage traces, which could have been a health issue or contamination risk in the case of future forecast rain.

But thankfully the rain fully cleared to blue skies across the Borough, allowing teams of residents and MTS to clear the flooded area with the use of pumps. Gosport police praised all those involved for showing great community spirit in difficult circumstances, also thanking people for the many offers of tea and coffee during the morning. All roads were open by lunchtime as the floodwater receded, but there is a weather warning tonight before several days of dry weather are forecast by the Met Office.

There were no reports of similar flooding in Fareham apart from some waterlogged pavements, with the borough seemingly escaping the worst of heavy overnight rain. Public transport including trains, ferries and buses remained mostly unaffected across both boroughs during the morning rush-hour; a true credit with road closures and huge puddles across the area that could have stopped other services from running.