Gosport council ‘smashes’ tree planting target

By Chief Correspondent Rob Thomas

DESPITE the coronavirus pandemic and lockdowns, Gosport Borough Council has not just fulfilled but surpassed its promise to plant 1,000 trees in 1,000 days,

It was in September 2019, that the council’s Community Board approved the pledge proposed by the then Leader of the Council, Councillor Mark Hook.

But, 600 days on, the council has told The Globe that 2,079 additional trees – more than 50 of them sponsored by residents or community groups – are now firmly rooted in the ground. Hampshire County Council has also chipped in with more than 200 trees.

The largest planting – 1,350 trees – has been at Grange Lane along the boundary of Grange Junior School (pictured); and 456 have been planted for hedging at Alver Valley.

Expressing his ‘delight’, the new Leader of the Council, Councillor Graham Burgess, said: “We haven’t just hit the target, we’ve massively exceeded it, with a year still to go.

“Trees are vital for our wellbeing and for the environment, particularly in the fight against climate change. We’ll continue to plant as many as we can and we welcome sponsorship from local people.”

Anyone wishing to sponsor a tree or planting should contact the council’s Streetscene team on 08000 198598 or streetscene@gosport.gov.uk

The council is responsible for more than 30,000 trees in its parks, open spaces, recreation grounds, allotment sites, cemeteries, car parks and housing areas.

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