Gosport drugs den closed down after court order

By Chief Correspondent Rob Thomas

MAGISTRATES have ordered the boarding up of a Gosport council house because of anti-social behaviour and illegal drug-related activity at and around the property.

The three-bedroomed house in Parklands Close will now be sealed after Gosport Borough Council – working with Hampshire Constabulary – was successful in its application for a closure order at Portsmouth Magistrates Court.

The order bans entry for three months and anyone disobeying it can be fined and/or jailed.

Councillor Tony Jessop – who chairs the borough council’s Housing Board – explained that the action had been taken, “to protect people living in the area from an ongoing risk of drug-related crime, nuisance and disorder, which has been causing them distress and anxiety.

“Council and police officers have had reports of drugs being used at the house, suspected drug-users there day and night, and increasing amounts of nuisance and disorder. Officers have also witnessed anti-social behaviour first-hand. Many visitors are at the address for only short periods, and discarded drug-users’ paraphernalia has been seen in the immediate area.”

Police Inspector Matt Wake added: “We hope this result reassures the public that in addition to targeting the drugs trade, we also take reports of persistent anti-social behaviour seriously and will use everything in our power to protect our communities from this type of nuisance.”

Now Gosport Borough Council will take action to evict the tenant at the earliest opportunity.

With the council’s waiting list for accommodation very much in mind, Tony Jessop told The Globe: “Once the legal process has been completed, and if that results in the tenant being evicted, we will bring [the house] back into use as soon as possible.”

Photo taken by Gosport Borough Council (reproduced with permission)