‘Greening Leesland’ environmental project launched

By Leesland community campaigner Hilary Percival

THE more we hear about climate change, the more worrying it becomes.

   It may seem that, as individuals there is nothing we can do. But it is possible to make a difference, and the Greening Campaign shows how, as a community, we can do our part.

   The Greening Campaign began in Petersfield, when Terena Plowright, a local resident, encouraged her community to sign up, and has now been rolled out over more than 100 communities across the country.

   Put simply, this campaign aims to encourage and support local people and organisations to take easy and straightforward steps to reduce energy and waste.

   Inspired by this, the Greening Leesland team, supported by Gosport Borough Council, invite you to join us to achieve these aims. Together we will choose eight simple pledges, such as switching off lights when you leave a room or turning the heating down one degree.

   These will be printed on our cards and everyone who takes part can display the card in their window. By counting the number of cards in our area we can see how much CO2 we have saved together, as well as the amount of money saved!

   We are holding an online public meeting on Wednesday, June 16, at 7pm where everyone will have the opportunity to vote for the pledges they would like to see on the cards. All Leesland residents and organisations are welcome to join and find out about other ways they can be involved.

   If you are not fortunate enough to live in Leesland there are similar campaigns running in other areas of Gosport, see contact details below.

   If you are unable to attend the meeting there will also be an opportunity to vote for your preferred pledges on our Facebook page.

   For more information and the link for the online meeting, contact the Greening Leesland team: email us – leesland.gc@yahoo.com;

Like our Facebook page – Greening Leesland

   Other campaigns in Gosport can be contacted as follows:
Alverstoke – jonomeara@hotmail.com; Elson and Hardway – Barbara.Cooke@abi.co.uk; Gosport Dwellers -lesleymeenaghan@gmail.com; Lee-On-Solent -davidlynock@gmail.com.

   Now is the time to take action against climate change. Be part of the solution rather than part of the problem!

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