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Expert needed to volunteer for Alverstoke project

By Philippa Harrap, of the APCRP Committee
IN 2016 the Parochial Church Council agreed that a new Parish and Community Centre was needed in Alverstoke.
The current building falls short on current accessibility regulations, has only one letting room, and is in need of major repair and refurbishment. A series of well supported and regular events has raised sufficient funds to cover professional fees; the planning process, and the detailed design, and will cover the anticipated costs up to the point of tendering to build.
A detailed cost plan had been compiled by the quantity surveyor (Holloway and Squires) estimating the final cost of the building to be around £2 million and we now need to raise that amount. There is a ring-fenced account for the building capital, which currently stands at £214,000. Income from community events will continue to cover project running costs, and anything left after covering running costs will be added to the capital.
Fundraising Lead of Capital Building Fund
The project team have recognised the need to appoint a fundraising consultant, who will need a single reference point, i.e Capital Fundraising Lead, within the project team.
There is currently no-one in the project team who can take on this role, and we need to secure the services of a volunteer with the commitment to lead and manage this aspect of the project – ie to work with the fundraising consultant to raise the capital to build a new Parish and Community Centre in Alverstoke village.
This individual must become fully conversant with the background, requirements and plans. They must be able to complete and manage the applications process in conjunction with the fundraising consultant, and make applications to other grant providers independently. They must make a timely and appropriate response to any questions from the fundraising consultant. An outline of the skills and requirements are listed below.
The recruitment of an individual with the necessary skills is an essential first step in the process of raising funds and must take place as a matter of some urgency. The following is a description of the role and personal attributes required for this challenge.
If you are interested in taking up the challenge – please send your expression of interest, with reasons why you think you will be right for this role to Please spread the word and share our search with your friends.
Role description
  • To work with the project team to determine the strategy for fundraising – ie staged fundraising to match stages in the build process, or negotiating with potential grant providers to ‘roll-up’ funds until the full £2 million is available.
  • To produce the job description for a fundraising consultant, and lead the recruitment process.
  • Become the reference point for the fundraising consultant, and work with that person to manage the fundraising process – applications and timetable.
  • To represent the project team at presentations to potential grant providers, delivering information about the project to individuals of all levels within organisations.
  • Create and maintain contacts with Gosport Borough Council councillors and officers to explore all potential funding and support opportunities.
  • Create and maintain contacts with county councillors to explore all potential funding and support opportunities at county level.
  • The person we need must be self-motivated, be able to work independently, call on other volunteers when necessary, and to network – developing and maintaining contacts who may help the project locally, and further afield (eg the Gosport ambassadors).
  • The person selected will report to the project team, and be introduced to others in the community who will be willing to help on an ad hoc basis.
PICTURED: Artist’s impression of the proposed Alverstoke Parish Centre