High donation to charity shop

A donations bag left outside a charity shop last weekend turned out to be full of cannabis leaves amongst other items, in a move that could only be described as a high end act of generosity.

Staff quickly handed the drug stash over to Fareham Police, who have since destroyed the items. However they did state their amusement at the finding on their Facebook page on Friday 7th May.

The post by a community officer read “It’s amazing what people will give to charity, but this time, it’s a bit much… a bin bag full of cannabis! If you have donated this item in the midst of a purple haze, please get in touch as I’d love to talk to you about your generosity! (Although I do have a comical image of a person going to their stash and only to find a bag full of old clothes!)”.

This sparked a comical social media thread in which users outlined the benefits of cannabis and wondered which charity the drugs were ‘donated’ to, but this information is unlikely to be released as yet. Hampshire Constabulary did however confirm that the force were not planning to launch an official investigation into this discovery.