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Opportunity to receive Christian support

IT MAY be held in an Anglican church but the Gosport Healing Hub readily welcomes people whatever their religious background to their monthly meetings, the next of which is on Saturday, June 11.

The eighteen people who attended last month’s hub meeting came from different churches in different parts of Gosport.

As reported in The Globe, the hub is a member of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation’s national scheme which seeks to offer support to anyone who is suffering stress and anxiety.

The current increase in the cost of living and the pressure felt by parents in trying to feed their children are very much in the news and certainly many are worried and finding it difficult to cope.

But for others the anxiety may be due to, for example, bereavement, depression, or they or a loved one have a long-term or terminal illness.

Hub organiser Diana Dow described how the last meeting began with, “a short teaching video about what Healing Hubs can offer”, which is the same as is happening in other towns and cities around the UK.

“Then the team divided into twos and people came separately and privately to tell us how life had become a bit too much and they felt they were not coping … so we prayed to God with them and God, as always, listened and, I think, gave comfort, courage and inspiration because his great big heart loves all his children.”

And Diana stressed that the team members are trained to listen and everything said is treated in confidence.

The next monthly meeting of the Gosport Healing Hub on Saturday, June 11 will be in St Faith’s Church, Tribe Road, Gosport from 2.30pm to 4.30pm. There is no need to register beforehand but further information can be obtained by emailing: gosporthealinghub@acornchristian.org.

Photograph (top): St Faith’s Church, Tribe Road, Gosport PO12 3NS. Alverstoke Parish, reproduced with permission.