Portchester feeling blue for charity project

By Connor Steel / Photograph from Smurfs Movie 2 (released in July 2013)

PARENTS IN Portchester may already feel ‘blue’ as the summer holidays remain in full flow; children are back at home yet again and the bills for uniforms piling high in preparation for September.

But a new community project could yet bring a smile to residents across Portchester, focusing on the popular children’s cartoon and movie franchise of ‘The Smurfs’.

Designed to raise money and encourage children’s outdoor activities this summer, staff/volunteers at the Portchester Hub have launched a ‘treasure hunt’ consisting of Smurf photos and characters from the three films. These can be of any size and are mostly hidden in certain areas across the town; including the shopping area, train station, castle and popular walking paths.

Starting last Saturday (July 31), photos will be visible until the first week September (04/09), with residents and visitors asked to count how many they spot and note down the locations. For an added bonus the name of each character can be given (if anyone knows it). Everybody is invited to enter this information into a competition with entries costing £2.00 each (one per person). It is requested that entries be emailed to smurfalong@3rdportchester.uk by September 5, although entry forms are available from the Hub in Portchester Precinct when the building is open.

In mid-September prizes will be handed out to each entry entering the competition, with first place winning £50 in vouchers for an undecided retail outlet or experience. All money raised from this fun and quirky competition will be donated to a community fund, which will go towards the annual Portchester Christmas tree; with an event to switch Xmas lights on scheduled to be held in late November.