Rise in Gosport virus cases

COVID-19 has by no means disappeared from Gosport according to the latest figures of reported new infections.

In the week ending May 9, the number of people in the borough who had caught the virus was still low at 17 cases, but that was a jump of 6 cases on the previous week. A rise of more than 50 per cent though when the numbers are so low, percentages can give an exaggerated impression of the change.

Comparison with other local areas requires standardising for population size by stating the figure in relation to a population of 100,000. This standardised rate for Gosport in the week to May 9, was 20.

For Fareham and Portsmouth, the comparable figures were 9 and 13 respectively; Havant, at 21 per 100,000, was close to the Gosport figure. The average rate for England was 17 per 100,000.

For all these areas, including Gosport, the statistics show a dramatic decline from the number of cases recorded at the beginning of the year, and they have been reasonably stable over the last month or so.

A report – to be presented at Gosport Borough Council’s meeting next week – recommending a six-month trial of an extended ‘Park and Float’ scheme indicates how long the council expects the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic to last.

When discussing the capacity of Walpole Park car park to accommodate the scheme, the report states: “It is believed the [Local Coronavirus Test Site] will be in-situ for at least another six months. The number of pods [accommodation for the homeless] will continue to reduce as alternative accommodation is identified but some are likely to remain during the Trial period.”

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