Shoplifter jailed for Gosport offences

GOSPORT POLICE have released confirmation that a shoplifter from Gosport has been sentenced to a short prison term after admitting to several separate theft offences, which occurred between January and April 2022 across a range of stores located in the borough.

It comes as a male was arrested last Thursday by a police officer and was named as Aaron Cruickshank, who was subsequently charged with the following offences following questioning:

1 – Theft from a shop on 24 January – meat was stolen from Tesco Express in Carless Close.

2 – Theft from a shop on 14 March – coffee reported stolen from Co-op in Privett Road.

3 – Theft from a shop on 16 March – £30 worth of chocolate reported stolen from Co-op on Palmyra Road.

4 – Theft from a shop on 20 March – £39 worth of household goods stolen from Tesco in Carless Close.

5 – Theft from a shop on 3 April – £100 worth of meat reported stolen from Tesco in Alver Village Square.

6 – Theft from a shop on 4 April – household goods reported stolen from Poundland on Gosport High Street.

In a statement released on social media it was confirmed that Mr Cruickshank pleaded guilty all six offences when he appeared at Portsmouth Magistrates Court last Friday morning (May 6) and was sentenced to a total prison sentence of sixteen weeks at the same hearing.

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