About Us

Want to know more about us?

The Gosport Globe is owned and operated by GOSPORT GLOBE COMMUNITY PUBLICATIONS C.I.C. . We have launched this website because we believe that you deserve to get a full weekly newspaper absolutely free.

The old fashioned method of supplying a free newspaper was to print thousands of copies and have them manually distributed through letterboxes, but over the years this has become too costly and difficult to control.

We decided to make use of Internet technology to deliver your Gosport Globe and this web site has been especially built with that goal in mind. You can view top news stories on the front page as they break, and use the navigation tabs at the top to view other pages within the site, including a business directory and useful community service contact details for the Gosport area.

Our Editorial Director is Robin Young. Robin has been involved with the newspaper industry for more than 40 years, and has worked as a journalist and editor in a wide variety of locations from as far afield as the Scottish Highlands, Greece, and Northern Ireland.

He has been the editor of free and paid for weekly newspapers since the year 2000, and also has experience of book editing and authoring. He is a member of the National Union of Journalists, and a former member of the Society of Editors and the International Federation of Journalists

Now settled in Gosport, Robin is committed to delivering a high quality free weekly newspaper for the people of Gosport, and it is his enthusiasm for this goal that has inspired the Gosport Globe.

You can email Robin at: editorial@thegosportglobe.co.uk.