Dinenage welcomes energy bill plans

Local MP, Dame Caroline Dinenage, has welcomed recent plans from the Conservative Government which will mean 33,742 households in Gosport are set to be supported with a £150 non-repayable cash rebate.

This is just part of the support put in place, with plans worth up to £350 per household across Gosport in total, as part of the £9.1 billion package of government support to help with rising energy bills.

As the UK economy continues its recovery from the pandemic, the Conservative government are confirming the global inflationary pressures caused by the world economy coming swiftly back to life.

Following Ofgem’s confirmation that the energy prices cap will rise by £700 from April, the Government has taken steps to support families and help with household fuel bills.

Support offered by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak as outlined in Parliament includes:

A total £200 ‘smoothing’ rebate on energy bills for all households, to be paid back over the next five years at £40 per year starting in April 2023.

A non-repayable £150 cash rebate for homes in Council Tax bands A-D, which is equivalent to 80 per cent of all households; helping both lower and middle income families.

£144 million of discretionary funding for local authorities to support those households not eligible for the council tax rebate.

Measures also include continuing with plans to increase the Warm Homes Discount and extend eligibility by one-third to 3 million vulnerable households, worth £150.

Commenting on her website, Caroline said: “I know households in Gosport, Lee on the Solent, Stubbington and Hill Head are worried about rising energy costs alongside other cost of living pressures”.

She continued: “There is no easy fix but I am pleased that these steps will help. I will be organising some local events and updating my website to share helpful information. Now the Government must take long-term steps to lower energy costs.

PICTURED BY AVALON (SHUTTERSTOCK / PA): Bill support announced by Councillor and welcomed by MPS