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Leesland project can make a difference to climate

By Hilary Percival
WE ARE all hearing lots in the media at the moment about climate change as world leaders meet in Glasgow for COP26 (as pictured).
Whether or not any real progress is made, and we all hope that some meaningful agreement can be reached, there is no doubting the importance and urgency of it.
While we cannot have any influence on world leaders, there is still something we can do as a community to make a difference.
If you live in the Leesland ward in Gosport you should have received a Greening Leesland card. It invites you to choose five of the small changes listed to save CO2 and money. If you are happy to do that, please display the card in a window or somewhere visible.
In the week November 6 to 13, our volunteers in the Greening Leesland team will be counting the cards, so we can calculate the total saved. If you have not received a card, or if you have lost or accidentally disposed of it, please let us know and we will try to replace it. Contact us via our Facebook page, Greening Leesland or email Our logo can be found via this link.
Keep a look out for the results when the count is complete. Together we can make a difference.
PICTURED BY BBC NEWS: COP 26 event gets underway on Sunday