BBC reveals Gosport link to malaria mercy mission

THE BBC is highlighting how a former Royal  logistics manager is home in Gosport after delivering 28,000 mosquito nets to communities in Papua New Guinea as part of a recent mercy mission to the Commonwealth country.

According to its Local News page for Hampshire & the Isle of Wight today (Monday, April 25). Siobhain Cole from Gosport and her Canadian pilot husband Ryan weaved their way across the country, stopping at 20 rural air strips at regular intervals.

According to the BBC, it is thought at least 384 isolated communities received mosquito nets.


The couple work for the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF), a Christian organisation that delivers supplies and services to isolated communities.

MAF routinely delivers food, medicine, building materials and education supplies across 168 rural locations in Papua New Guinea

The mission was in partnership with Rotarians Against Malaria and coincides with World Malaria Day, which is being marked today and encourages a global focus on the disease.

Deaths from malaria have declined in the country in recent years, but it is still thought to have the highest incidence of the mosquito-borne disease in the Asia-Pacific region.

More pictures of the mission can be seen on the following website: Former RAF manager from Gosport back from malaria mission – BBC News

PICTURED: The deliveries were made in partnership between the Mission Aviation Fellowship and Rotarians Against Malaria.