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Collingwood adds to Children in Need pot

FUNDRAISERS from the Catering Services Shore Employment Teams – CSSET – based at HMS Collingwood and ESS, the site’s catering team, joined forces to put on a special event for the BBC Children in Need Appeal.
Taking place in the main dining facility, the event was coordinated by Bithiah Dopwell of CSETT, who also created ae phenomenal Pudsey cake. Taking the traditional Victoria sponge ingredients Bithiah added bubblegum extract to draw on the Children element of the fundraiser.
Personnel from across the Fareham base were given plenty of options for their donations, with bacon and sausage rolls and BBQ chicken on offer alongside a vast array of cakes and pastries all created and donated by the volunteers of CSETT and ESS.
Chief Petty Officer David ‘Geordie’ Riley-Allsopp, the Team Leader for CSSET, said “We have been overwhelmed with the support for this event and due to the generosity of HMS Collingwood, we have managed to raise £488.66.
“This would not have been achievable without the hard work of Collingwood CSSET and our partners ESS who have helped us achieve a good amount of money, going towards a fantastic cause. “AB Dopwell has been inspirational in her leadership of this event and deserves all the plaudits coming her way.”
PICTURED: The Collingwood team staging the event. Photograph courtesy of Keith Woodland, Crown copyright