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Council looks for more Ukrainian hosts

By Connor Steel

FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL have announced they are seeking new potential hosts for some Ukrainian guests across the town under the Government’s Homes for Ukraine scheme, which was launched during mid 2022 after Russian leader President Putin’s decision to begin an “illegal military invasion” on their neighbour.

Thousands of Ukrainians left the war-torn country for safety reasons during this aftermath; local communities in the UK donating essentials such as blankets, warm supplies and food. The UK Government have provided Ukraine with aid and visa support for those arriving in Britain, whilst also offering a range of “vital equipment”.

Homes for Ukraine is a scheme organised by the Levelling Up department and offers all hosts a total of £350 paid every month to help support incurred extra costs. This rises to £500 after one year and is available for a maximum of 2 years after their guest initially arrives; the money provided to all local councils by Westminster.

Fareham currently has thirty-four households acting as a host for Ukrainian individuals or families at the time of writing; with many having taken on the responsibilities since this scheme launched nationally. But multiple hosts have reported circumstances that mean they can no longer host; such as moving addresses or health.

Guests have further become established within the Fareham communities as the majority now speak English and this has helped them settle in the UK; including securing jobs and local school places for young children. Current hosts have been inspired by all their resilience and progress, viewing them as a part of their families.

Therefore councillors have asked residents to consider hosting either an Ukrainian individual or family, with a starting commitment being at least six months. Furthermore the council are looking for private landlords who would welcome Ukrainian lodgers to rent their properties, which could help their independence and life skills.

Anybody who is interested in becoming a host should email to register their interest, as well as ask questions regarding this scheme. Readers can furthermore explore quotes from Alina Antypenko (guest), Naomi Ware (host) and council leader Sean Woodward via an online information release.

PICTURED BY ALAMY (2PP9BYP): Ukraine and British flags in sign of unity as Russian invasion continues.