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Council publishes cost of living guide

By Connor Steel

GOSPORT BOROUGH COUNCIL have published a twelve page information guide aimed at supporting local residents during the ongoing ‘cost of living’ crisis and build-up to Christmas; this new document being shared online and printed copies being made available at multiple community bases located across this local region.

This guide was released on Wednesday (December 14) and has an array of information for residents across Gosport regardless of their circumstances. This includes a list of council services alongside local groups and organisations; all of which can offer support and guidance about critical requirements such as food / heating.

Broken into chapters the guide also features details about support for clothes, benefits, health, and warnings about potential scams. There are further details about low cost / free activities across Gosport this Christmas and New Year period; alongside schemes and opportunities allowing residents to help each other this winter.

Councillor Peter Chegwyn, Leader of the Council, offered his personal thoughts on the published guide as he said: “We know this is a very tough time for many local people, and this is one way we can help – by making sure all our residents know what support is available (across the whole borough) and how to get it (for free).”

“It can be (very) difficult to find out what help is out there, but we’ve brought together lots of useful, practical information, including phone numbers, web links and email addresses. I’m sure this will make a difference to a lot of people looking for support, as well as to all local groups who need this information at their fingertips.”

The guide is accessible online by clicking on this website link; which will be updated on a regular basis and anybody with information can email the council to add this into the contents. The above link further features downloadable versions of the 12-page guide which can be printed in colour and greyscale to save ink costs.

For those who don’t have access to the internet, printed copies are available across Gosport at a wide range of community hubs including the Town Hall, Firstlight Trust, and Discovery Centre on the High Street. People can further locate copies from Citizens Advice Gosport alongside  Elson and Lee-on-the-Solent library hubs.

PICTURED BY ALAMY (HWP25F): Household costs written in a notebook as cost of living crisis continues.