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Council releases exciting Fareham Live updates

By Connor Steel

FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL have offered its residents an exciting update on the construction of ‘Fareham Live’ in a press release on Tuesday morning; this future entertainment site likely to have its ‘fly tower’ adorned onto the exterior over the upcoming fortnight with golden external wall panelling as workers continue to aim for its launch in spring 2024.

The ‘tower’ is due to be eleven metres in height and should be lifted into place using a 150-tonne crane; the work set to take approximately two weeks to complete if weather continues to stay dry. When finished the tower will stand out to all residents and passers-by due to the all-gold external panelling; the remainder of this building still yet to be constructed.

Councillors have described the fly tower as the “crowning glory” of Fareham Live, as it will allow crucial elements to be lifted off the stage in a timely / quiet manner; examples being curtains, lights, scenery and people. The new technology should further allow more ‘impressive’ shows and creative features to be held at the new site, replacing Ferneham Hall.

Construction is also believed to be on track at this time and demolition work on the Osborn Road Multi-storey facility is due to start from November. As previously reported the plan will see a new single surface car parking site built and this will include facilities for electric vehicle use; all of the documents released after a council meeting earlier in September.

Readers can view www.fareham.gov.uk/farehamlive for all of the developing updates and may sign up for a ‘mailing list’ offering first announcements of shows / events to be held at the venue. There is further the opportunity to be part of the exclusive soundwave artworks entitled “A Wave of Thanks” which is due to be featured in the foyer to thank everybody.

PICTURED BY FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL: Artist impression on how Fareham Live exterior will look once open.