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Councils release further Jubilee information

By Connor Steel

GOSPORT AND FAREHAM residents have been asked to start preparing for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee later this summer, with both councils publishing press releases over recent days with more information on how to do their little bit for the weekend; which is due to be held between June 2-5.

It is estimated that over ten million residents nationwide will join the celebrations across the four day Bank Holiday weekend; with similar events to 2012 organised including the annual Trooping the Colour event, flypasts, a party at Buckingham Palace, lighting of Jubilee Beacons and street parties.

Street parties and a jubilee beacon for Gosport

And following questions from local groups, Gosport Borough Council have outlined information on how their residents should apply to host a street party in their road or neighbourhood with clarity of regulations; alongside the announcement of a short event to mark the lighting of a Gosport beacon.

On the subject of street parties in Gosport, residents are advised that hosting small outside events with neighbours on private land is permitted and doesn’t need council permission. But this changes if residents want to organise a street party that involves any closures of a public road or public land.

In this case organisers are asked to apply for a closure order via the council website and must also consider things such as emergency service access if needed. There is no charge for this, although no funding will be given to help with the costs of the events; such as appropriate signage and barriers.

Street party applications must be submitted by April 22 to allow communications with highways and emergency services, as well as giving time for any required licences or permissions to be granted. An essential read for anybody planning a larger street party is the Jubilee Street Parties page online.

Alongside this information is the announcement that Gosport will have its own Jubilee Beacon for the town, featuring as one of 1,500 across Britain and across the world. This will be lit from the top of the Diving Museum at No. 2 Battery, Stokes Bay, on June 2 at 9.45pm. Residents wanting to watch can do so from a cordoned off area of No.2 Battery West Car Park, but should expect crowds.

Cllr Graham Burgess, Leader of Gosport Borough Council, said in a recent press release: “Thanks to our military heritage, our borough has a special connection to the Queen. I’m sure local people will want to take part in these once-in-a-lifetime celebrations.

A party with your neighbours is a great traditional way to get involved. Another way is to come and see the council’s beacon being lit, as we play our part in paying tribute to Her Majesty.”

Fareham joins ‘spring clean for the Queen’ campaign

The neighbouring council of Fareham had already announced their plans for Jubilee Celebrations as written in the Globe back in January with more information here on organised events to date, but have further encouraged residents to take part in a borough-wide litter picking event from March 25 to April 1 as the town participates in the ‘spring clean for the Queen’ campaign.

Groups and individuals can take part in the week long campaign to spruce up the borough’s streets, with the council providing litter pickers and bin bags should they need them. They can also arrange for bags to be collected when full, although residents are reminded to recycle when possible and not to leave near rubbish bins as these can be spread by bad weather and wildlife.

Anyone who would like to take part starting on Friday should contact the council as soon as possible by emailing publicspacesfrontline@fareham.gov.uk or calling the number 01329 236100 during the working day. More information on the council’s anti-littering campaign can also be read here.

Executive Member for Streetscene at Fareham Borough Council, Councillor Ian Bastable, said: “Fareham is an area of unique beauty with beaches, countryside and lots of recreation spaces. The Spring Clean for the Queen event ties in with our own anti-littering campaign which was launched earlier this year and is a perfect opportunity to spruce up the Borough in time for our Platinum Jubilee celebrations. I encourage residents to take up their litter pickers and get involved.”

PICTURED BY ROYAL FAMILY: Street parties will be in full force this summer as Britain and the world celebrates the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with four days of celebration scheduled for June.