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Curious tale of the RAFA Club ‘ghost’ cat

Gosport paranormal researchers Tony and Beth Ferguson investigated unexplained goings-on at the town’s RAFA Club. They wanted to find out if a suspected supernatural  presence was grounded in fact or merely a flight of fantasy…

WE WERE invited by the landlady to check out some reports of unexplained paranormal activity in a Gosport club.
The reports are of a man – also a female and children – being seen and heard by many people. Things in the bar area were also reported to have been moved by an unseen force.
We went in, very sceptical, about the number of reports and claims we were told.
So we were locked in the location. We heard a male voice down in the bar. It sounded like an elderly gentleman and this was picked up by ear and also recorded on camera. We also heard a female moaning in the bar area.
I decided to go upstairs to see what was going on as we were told that a lot of things happen up there.
When we were up there a cat was caught on camera…  yet there are no cats in the building. Also a very young child’s voice was recorded on camera and which I also heard in my ear.
This was near to midnight in a club where no residents live. We also heard a male yet again up stairs. This was all caught on camera and the amazing thing about this is we shouldn’t be hearing an elderly male or children or a cat in a locked location.
I never felt that what was there was in any way horrible but they seemed to want to make themselves known… and they did!
The RAFA Club, on Stoke Road, is used for socialising by people with connections to the military – the Royal Air Force Association.
Overall, when people come forward with claims about paranormal activity I try to go into locations to record what might be there on camera and debunk a lot of them. But in this situation I was unable to do so.