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Gosport encouraged to join UK Parliament Week

By Connor Steel

GOSPORT MP Dame Caroline Dinenage has encouraged constituents to get involved in this upcoming “UK Parliament Week (UKPW)” due to take place from November 6-12 this year; the annual event looking to inspire future politicians in the country by informing people about key fundamentals and the process of democracy from the Houses of Parliament.

UKPW was first held in 2011 featuring a large mixture of virtual and physical activities, with over a million visitors taking part around the world last year. Previous editions have seen debating workshops, themed assemblies, group elections, colouring, baking, crafting, petition creation, quizzes and votes; whilst many MPs have offered meetings with residents

2023 looks likely to set record attendance as youth groups, community organisations and schools have already signed up for activities; including those from Gosport and Hampshire. People are asked to click upon the link to register all the planned activities through a series of questions, which should be done promptly and won’t take more than five minutes.

People should be posted a free kit of resources once they have signed up, including a small booklet containing tailored information and activity ideas to explore. Stickers, bunting, decorations, one ballot box and a unique board game called “The Ayes Have It” will further be sent; whilst badges can be secured after November 13 by filling out a feed-back form.

Ms Dinenage stated in a short media release on Tuesday morning: “As the MP for Gosport, I am encouraging people in my constituency to sign up for UK Parliament Week 2023. I am looking forward to seeing groups and organisations join in and welcome the (great annual) opportunity for communities to come together to find out about (our) UK Parliament.”

Fran Jeens, Head of Education and Engagement at UK Parliament, added: “UK Parliament Week is a great opportunity for people of all ages to get informed about how they can engage with the Parliament to make a difference. Every year it is fantastic to see so many people actively take part in UK Parliament Week (with thousands of activities worldwide).”

Readers can examine further information about UK Parliament Week by visiting https://www.ukparliamentweek.org/en/, which includes answers to featured questions, details about the event partners and the necessary contact information.

PICTURED BY PIXABAY: A landscape view overlooking Houses of Parliament; the symbol of UK democracy and laws.