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Summer events confirmed at shopping centre

By Connor Steel

FAREHAM SHOPPING CENTRE have invited families and young children to a sequence of free summer activities that start later this month as organisers revealed all further information; including visits from “popular movie characters” and themed events in Osborn Square with staff hoping to build on recently successful Easter and school holiday occasions.

All activities will run from 11am to 3pm in Osborn Square, which is located near B&M and Debenhams in the shopping centre. The first event is scheduled to take place on July 29 and this is due to be themed around “Little Mermaid”, with Ariel set to welcome visitors who will be able to enjoy an “under the sea” workshop and release all their inner creativity.

Spiderman will be visiting the shopping centre on August 5 and is due to show off his famous superhero skills to young audiences, including his “spidey-senses” and how he utilises them. Children are further invited to become superheroes themselves throughout the day through an exciting face painting workshop, which will run adjacent to the presentation.

Week three is set to feature Barbie and will coincide with the upcoming release of “Barbie The Movie”; the new film set to star Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as main characters. Shoppers will be able to step inside the specially created Barbie box throughout the day, striking poses in a life-size space and be accompanied by other visitors for their photos.

The Ninja Turtles will then make an appearance on August 19 as week four focuses on the “crime fighting” heroes; who are likely to roam the centre from Osborn Square showcasing their skills in the ‘art of ninjutsu’. These characters will be happy to talk to youngsters and their families, whilst also being able to pose for selfies or photographs through this day.

This summer of events will conclude over the Bank Holiday Weekend (August 26) and is scheduled to round off with a “Teddy Bear’s Day Out”, which includes life sized teddies and a visit from Goldilocks herself. Staff have confirmed that there will further be a storytelling workshop repeated throughout the day, with families invited to bring their own teddies.

Visitors will receive a stamp for each event they attend and these will be placed onto a special booklet, which will also entitle them to 10% off a desert from Utopia. Collecting the five stamps means that visitors can enter a ballot box for a chance to win a delightful summer-themed hamper, with information including full ‘terms and conditions’ available here.

Readers can find out further information about each of the five events and others by clicking on the Fareham Shopping Centre website, which further features a layout map of all stores and small businesses. Alternatively they can also visit social media platforms including their FacebookTwitter and Instagram, or contacting the dedicated team on this email.

PICTURED BY ALAMY (P88FB1): A teddy bear event will end ‘summer of fun’ at Shopping Centre over five weekends.