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Submariners enjoy summer aircraft carrier visit

By Ron Gordon

A group of members of the Gosport Submariners Association were extremely privileged to be given a tour of HMS Queen Elizabeth under glorious sunny skies last month; the aircraft carrier recently being based in the base of Portsmouth Harbour as it “reset” after a round of training.

The Submariners were driven to the imposing grey ‘target’ to be met by fellow Submariners, currently serving on the flagship. WO2 Dave Ham, WO(Logs) and his team provided a quick health and safety “dit” in the ‘hangar’ before splitting the group into two and leading the groups through the main walkways and living quarters.

The submariners were blown away by the sheer size of the Ship, but it was great to see our ageing Submariners rolling back the years and making light work of the ladders and walkways. There were many great photo opportunities taken by all, especially on the flight deck and within the Bridge as seen below.

However the highlight for many was the presentation of a ‘tot’ in the WO&SRs on completion of the tour, with our own ‘American Jon’ being presented with a Queen Elizabeth WO&SRs Mess Coin.

Many “dits” were exchanged and a fantastic time was had by all who attended. For all it was a visit that they will remember for a very long time and the Submariners Association pays thanks to those involved.

Anybody wanting to join the Gosport branch of the Submariners Association are asked to contact Ron Gordon by emailing: However all members must either be former or current submariners.

PICTURED BY RON GORDON: Group stands for photographs on deck of Queen Elizabeth under sunny skies last month, whilst presentations were held inside air craft carrier alongside many “dits”