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Refurbishment to close local B&M branch

By Connor Steel

SHOPPERS have been advised that a popular B&M bargains store in Fareham will be closed temporarily for one working week in September, thus allowing the final stages of refurbishment work to be completed safely and improve the general accessibility alongside the overall visual appearances for their loyal customer base.

The store, located in Speedfield Park on Newgate Lane, will be closed to the public at 4pm on September 11 (Sunday); opening again on September 17 (Saturday) at 9am. These five full working days will allow teams to finish the ongoing work instore over recent months, often carried out by maintenance staff whilst trading.

Regular visitors will have seen a glimpse of improvements to the store already; which include wider aisles, fresh flooring and paintwork alongside new stock on offer. But this has come at a cost to shoppers as they have been forced to endure changes to the regular layouts, shorter till numbers and some blocked off areas.

It will however be open as usual until September 11 and after September 17, with the store trading from 8am to 9am six days a week; the only exception being Sundays when hours of 10am-4pm ultimately apply. This includes the indoor area selling a range of household goods alongside the adjoining outside garden areas.

B&M have apologised to shoppers and staff impacted by the closure, but have reminded customers that the second Fareham store will be completely unaffected and will be open as normal. This can be located within the area of Thackeray Mall, Fareham Shopping Centre, near to the car park and large Debenhams branch.

Readers can find out more information on the closure by visiting this link, which also provides details on the range of fellow local branches such as Portsmouth and Farlington. Shoppers can further see what services are offered by each branch, whilst an interactive store locater map and product deals are also visible for all.

PICTURED BY ALAMY (BHRH1T): Shop sign outside UK branch of B&M, with the local Fareham store on Newgate Lane set to close for five days as workers complete refurbishment project lasting many months.