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Residents asked for opinions on anti-social behaviour

By Connor Steel

GOSPORT BOROUGH COUNCIL have invited all residents to voice their opinion on a legal order that was designed to tackle anti-social behaviour across the Borough with everybody urged to complete a short online survey; which asks all participants to offer feedback about any changes or improvements if the order gets renewed after a public consultation.

The survey was newly launched on November 1 and centres around the Public Space Protection Order, which was first introduced in 2017 by councillors following a huge increase in ‘anti-social behaviour’ around the town centre. It targeted a range of offences including public drinking / drug use, urinating, aggressive begging, and blocking entrances or exits.

The police and council officers can use the order to issue £100 penalties if any anti-social behaviour is identified, which could increase up to £1000 if a case goes to court. They can further confiscate alcohol and drugs from offenders under the rules that were last reviewed during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 as part of the required 3-year renewal process.

Opinions from residents are said to be a huge contributor and they are all asked to click upon this online link to find the survey, which takes approximately five minutes to complete with a range of multiple choice questions and opportunities to note any feelings / problems. This includes detailing the incidents they have experienced / seen across the Borough.

Residents can alternatively complete paper copies of this survey, and these are located at a number of public places in Gosport; including the Town Hall, the Lee Hub, and Elson Community Library. A full list can be found on the link and all entries must be submitted to the council before 12pm on November 29 (Wednesday), when the ‘consultation’ will finish.

PICTURED BY ALAMY (D0W9T0): This order has been in place since 2017 following anti-social behaviour in Gosport.