Sanderson Centre continuing under new ownership


DAME Caroline Dinenage has spoken of her “delight” that the long-established Sanderson Centre in Gosport is to continue under new owners, Casper Douglas Properties.

The centre, which is a hub for over 80 local businesses, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary and is planning renovations to incorporate more tenants.

Currently, the site boasts 200,000 sq. ft of space and 35,000 of unoccupied floor space, which will be refurbished to enable waiting businesses to operate from the fully serviced centre.

Meanwhile, strategies are being developed to modernise and improve the site for existing tenants, including the installation of new community areas, a new roof and new wiring which will be gently updated over time to ensure little disruption.


The Gosport MP also met with a number of local businesses on the site including Miltools, which has been operating from the Sanderson Centre for more than 40 years and Tecmach, an engineering company with clients nationwide.

Tecmach owner Marie Claire Sherman said: “It provides excellent business support and a host of resources under one roof.  The team are here to help businesses succeed and are so accommodating to the needs of the owners.  Our operations cover the whole of the UK and this can all be done from Gosport.”

And Dame Caroline said: “It was great to hear about the plans to revitalise and redevelop the Sanderson Centre, while maintaining its value for money ethos.

 “I am pleased that the long-established and successful business centre will continue to help Gosport businesses thrive and grow for many years to come.”

PICTURED BY GOOGLE MAPS: Sanderson Centre, located in Gosport, is a main business hub in town.