Students collect donations for Ukraine

CARING young students from St Vincent College in Gosport have been collecting a range of donations to help millions of Ukrainian refugees currently fleeing the Russian invasion of their country; now into its second month of intense military conflict since starting back on February 24.

A large group of thirty students currently studying level 3 health and social care qualifications amassed a huge collection of clothing, food, blankets, toiletries, sanitary products, medical supplies, baby goods and toys that were donated by friends and staff to send out to families who are sheltering in nearby countries.

The collected goods were all loaded into the college’s minibuses and taken to three Gosport charities; Jacobs Well, Barnado’s and Sue Ryder. They are now set to be shipped out to Romania and other European countries on the Ukrainian border where refugees are based after escaping war.

St Vincent College principal Andy Grant said: “I’m really proud of how the students have responded to what they have seen and read on the news and shown real determination and compassion.

“Donations are still coming in and the students, supported by staff, will be sending another to the delivery to the charities. They are also fundraising to help Jacob’s Well with the cost of sending lorries to Romania.”

Readers can follow the progress of this student led project and similar community work by visiting the official college website, or viewing their social media pages such as Facebook and Instagram.

PICTURED: St Vincent College health and social care students with a loaded minibus of donations for Ukrainian refugees that was recently sent to Gosport charities; Jacobs Well, Barnado’s and Sue Ryder. 

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