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Teacher launches theatre school for young SEN adults

By Gary Lawrence

A TEACHER from St Vincent College has young adults with special education needs (SEN) to participate in a unique learning opportunity as she announced a new summer theatre school programme; which will be held within the Mill Lane campus facilities and run by professional drama teachers in a ‘private venture’.

The programme is scheduled to run across ten working days from July 15 to July 26 and will be held between 10am and 1pm in the college’s purpose-built theatre each day (Monday-Friday). It has been entitled ‘It’s A Theatre Thing’ and a private evening performance for family / friends will finish this themed programme.

Teacher Karen Philp has organised the programme and has worked at the School of Personalised Learning for nine years at St Vincent College. She is part of the team who all specialise in working alongside young people with additional needs; including those students who would find it difficult to attend a mainstream school.

Ms Philip outlined her desire to ensure that drama was accessible for anybody of all abilities as she said: “We have experienced staff with years of drama coaching and working with young people with SEN.”

“We want to give young adults who have a genuine interest in performing and can be independent the chance to get some professional teaching in a safe, supportive space.”

Speaking about the final performance to end the theatre school, she concluded: “It’s important to give the young people something to work towards and also families the chance to see their loved ones shining on stage.”

“Rehearsing, performing, and working as part of a team is wonderful for the young peoples’ confidence and self-esteem and having two weeks to really develop their skills and build on that sense of being part of something will be fantastic for them.”

The two week theatre will cost £150 overall per young adult; which will be used to cover teaching, drinks, and snacks throughout each day. Anybody interested in registering is asked to contact or call 07494 324970; including those who may have a question.

Readers can explore all information regarding the School of Personalised Learning and the range of courses being offered by exploring

PICTURED BY ST VINCENT COLLEGE: Teacher Karen Philp prepares to lead summer theatre school at the college for young adults with SEN.