BBC reports night of drama at Fawley oil refinery


THE BBC is reporting on an “operational incident” that has been declared at the Fawley oil refinery, with flares seen by people from across the Gosport peninsula.

According to the broadcaster’s news website early this morning – Wednesday, November 9 – ExxonMobil said that it was dealing with the incident at its site on Tuesday evening.

A spokesperson told the BBC no-one had been reported injured, adding its teams were “working to address the situation”.

They said the flares were part of its standard safety procedures.

An on-site siren might also be audible as part of those procedures, the spokesperson added.

‘Big orange glow’

The firm said its flares would be “visible to the community” and apologised for any disturbance.

Justine Edwards shared images of the flares from outside her balcony on the Isle of Wight – about 25 miles away.

She told the BBC she was “taking a photo of the blood moon while there was a gap in clouds”, and she saw a “big orange glow”.

Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said it could not comment on the incident.

BBC report and photograph by Justine Edwards: Fawley Refinery: ‘Operational incident’ declared at site – BBC News

PICTURED BY ALAMY (GXA5T5): The now closed Fawley Power Station towering over beach huts on Calshot Beach.