Chamber invites businesses to kickstart skill plans

BUSINESS leaders across Hampshire are invited to say what skills they most need in their workplaces as a ‘region-wide conversation’ about training and solutions
Hampshire Chamber of Commerce is hosting a week of free, face-to-face employer engagement workshops ahead of a stakeholder summit designed to bring firms together with education providers, policymakers, charities and the public sector.
Capturing accurate insight on skills gaps will inform the two government-funded Local Skills Improvement Plans (LSIPs) covering the county. Hampshire Chamber is the lead body for the Solent LSIP and is supporting Surrey Chamber on the equivalent plan in the Enterprise M3 area.
Ross McNally, Hampshire Chamber Chief Executive, said: “LSIPs are intended to put employers at the heart of the skills system and ensure that local businesses’ voices are heard to help influence and shape local skills and training provision.
“To start a region-wide conversation, we urge employers to attend one of our engagement workshops around the county. These are an ideal opportunity to share developing insights, explore what skills you need to address your immediate and longer-term goals, and identify better ways to deliver skills solutions accessible to your business.
“We want to hear from all parts of the business landscape to ensure your business and sector needs are heard and included.”
The workshops, which will include presentations and breakout sessions, take place at:
 Hilton Ageas Bowl, Southampton, on Monday 20 February from 9am to 11am
 Basingstoke College of Technology, on Tuesday 21 February, from 8am to 10am
 Holiday Inn, Winchester, on Wednesday 22 February, from 8am to 10am
 Village Hotel, Portsmouth, on Thursday, February 23, from 8am to 10am
 Village Hotel, Farnborough, on Friday, February 24, from 8am to 10am
The stakeholder summit, featuring a roundtable expert panel, presentations and a question and answer session, takes place at Marwell Zoo, Colden Common, on Wednesday, March 1, from 10am to 1pm.
To register for any of the events, contact
PICTURED: Ross McNally, Chief Executive and Executive Chairman of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce which is inviting employers to a series of workshops and a stakeholder summit to progress the county’s two Local Skills Improvement Plans