Council announces greener vehicle fleet

FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL have announced that it is now converting its fleet of small diesel vehicles to operate using specifically hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO).

As part of its commitment to be Carbon Neutral by 2030, the Council signed up to a year-long trial of HVO fuel for its garden waste vehicles earlier this year. It has also made the decision to convert some of its smaller diesel vehicles earlier than anticipated.

The Council’s small diesel vehicle fleet consists: two large road sweepers, four mini-sweepers, three pathway sweepers and fourteen ride-on mowers. Converting these vehicles to HVO will reduce the Council’s annual carbon footprint by approximately 155 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.

Executive Member for Streetscene at Fareham Borough Council, Councillor Ian Bastable, said: “This conversion of our smaller diesel vehicles to HVO fuel aligns with The Council’s Climate Change Action Plan and takes us one step closer to becoming carbon neutral across all our services by 2030“

He continued: “I am hopeful that we will be able to roll out HVO fuel across our entire diesel fleet one day, which could see a carbon dioxide reduction of over 700 metric tonnes. This would be a significant step forward in fulfilling our ambition to create a cleaner and greener Fareham for all.”

Readers can find out more about the Council’s plans to reduce its carbon emissions and what they can do to help the environment here: www.fareham.gov.uk/climatechange

PICTURED BY FARHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL: Example of vehicle running on HVO under new conversion plans for new council vehicles.