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Council marks community skip scheme milestone

By Connor Steel

GOSPORT BOROUGH COUNCIL has marked an impressive first milestone in their ‘community skip’ scheme as it was announced that a large total of “250 tonnes in waste” had been collected in a time period of just eight months; this free initiative helping to bring skips to different locations and allows safe disposal of household waste for people in the town.

This scheme was launched last spring by councillors as they looked to reduce high fly-tipping rates across the Borough and originally held every week, but this was changed to every fortnight during the winter period. Only Gosport residents are allowed to use this service that runs from 9:30am to 11:30 on those Saturday mornings, although it may end earlier.

Skips can next be found at Bridgemary School Car Park on February 3 before going to Alver Valley West (February 17) and Whites Place on March 2. They will further be accessible at Walpole Road South (March 16), Privett Park Car Park (March 30), Holbrook Leisure Centre (April 13) and Green Lane Car Park in Hardway on April 27 to finish off this round.

Residents can dispose of these ‘accepted’ items into all skips; including wood, cement, rubble, glass, bricks, metal, tile products, flooring, carpets, tools, furniture, buggies, camping equipment, electrical cabling, digital devices, garden toys, sinks and other waste from garden / kitchen refits. The repair and reuse service is also available for some of the waste.

But multiple items are not suitable and must be disposed in other ways, such as using the Hampshire Recycling Centre nearby Alver Valley Country Park. Unaccepted waste includes plasterboard, asbestos, batteries, liquid products, petrol, diesel, lead paints, oil, fluorescent tubes, pressurised containers, freezers, fridges, car engines, tyres and “other items”.

A quote from Council Leader Peter Chegwyn can be read here whilst residents can explore more information about the scheme through this link. Appointments for the Hampshire Recycling Centre must be ‘booked’ by following this website.

PICTURED BY ISTOCK PHOTOS: Gosport residents can use “community skips” every fortnight in the town at no cost.