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College celebrates recent Ofsted report success

By Gary Lawrence

ST VINCENT COLLEGE are celebrating a brilliant result from their recent Ofsted inspection held at their Gosport education facility, which saw them rated as “Good” overall and “Outstanding” for the support offered to students with higher needs in a major boost for staff / leaders.

The inspectors visited the college in December 2023 and wrote that “Expert teachers who are passionate about their subjects inspire students to learn and love their studies.” The report adds that the college leadership have a “clear vision and strategy to provide an inclusive education for the people of Gosport.”

Inspectors furthermore wrote that: “Leaders have designed learning programmes to provide students with the skills and knowledge they need to overcome social inequality and achieve their aspirations. As a result, most students achieve their goals and move on to further l learning, employment, and independent living.”

A three-day inspection allowed extra time talking to both staff and students alike; the inspections enjoying listening to the constructive feedback and positive aspects across the board that also feature in the report.

It states the college “works closely with university partners to increase the participation of disadvantaged students in higher education and ensure students with high needs benefit from learning programmes that are tailored closely to their needs. As a result, students are motivated to be their best, they achieve their qualifications well given the context of Gosport and see a bright future ahead of themselves.”

Inspectors praised the college for having a “calm, happy and positive environment” throughout its grounds, adding that students feel safe there and are confident that staff would take seriously any concerns they have. The report praised the way teachers use effective strategies to improve students’ literacy and numeracy skills and said they embed these skills well into teaching.

One paragraph reads that: “Staff carefully support students with low or no qualifications in English and mathematic to overcome anxieties in these subjects, before developing their knowledge and skills. As a result, most students who need these subjects make very good progress over time.”

The college’s careers programme was praised by the inspectors, who said they found a comprehensive programme of high-quality careers advice and guidance. This includes helping students understand career opportunities, advice and talks from employers / higher education institutions. A quote says that: “Consequently, most students have a good idea of what they will do when they finish their studies.”

Inspectors noted leaders and managers provide staff with useful training and respond to students’ views to make the college better. They wrote: “For example, leaders are focussed keenly on improving students’ attendance, some of whom have had previously poor experiences of education and consequently disengaged from learning.”

The college’s adult education was praised for the way it works with charities and Job Centre Plus to provide courses that are relevant and helpful in getting people into work. One line in the reports said: “They have broadened the range of adult and community courses available to ensure that recent refugees from Ukraine and Afghanistan have opportunities to learn the skills they need to live in Britain successfully.”

The college was also rated ‘Good’ at its last Ofsted inspection in 2018 and Principal Andy Grant said the latest rating was a tribute to the hard work of teaching staff in maintaining St Vincent’s high standards.  He said: “I’m delighted for the staff that their commitment to providing excellent teaching and sharing their passion for their subjects has been recognised.”

Mr Grant concluded: “I’m particularly pleased with the praise for our brilliant support for students with higher needs and our hard work with helping our students identifying their career goals and equipping them with the right tools to achieve them.”

Readers can find out more information about courses at St Vincent College via, whilst they can read the full Ofsted report on

PICTURED BY ST VINCENT COLLEGE: Principal Andy Grant celebrates the Ofsted report with group of students from across the campus, which was described as being “a calm, happy and positive environment.”