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Council release Fareham bin calendars

FAREHAM BOROUGH COUNCIL has released its new 2021-2022 Bin Calendars for both the east and west of the Borough, to inform residents when their various bins will be collected.

Residents are reassured that collections will continue on their usual collection days throughout 2022. Over Christmas 2021 and the New Year period, all bins will be emptied on the usual collection days as well, so residents are reminded to make sure their bins are out by 6am.

In early 2022, the Council will once again be offering a free Christmas tree collection service. Between 10-21 January, on your normal recycling day only, one whole Christmas tree per property will be collected and should be left next to your recycling bin. You can find the updated bin calendars on the Council websitehttps://www.fareham.gov.uk/waste_collection_and_recycling/bincalendar.aspx

Residents are also reminded that a new subscription-based garden waste collection service will commence from 7 February 2022. You can find out more and sign up at www.fareham.gov.uk/gardenwaste.

The Council has committed to be carbon neutral by 2030 and, in order to help mitigate the worst effects of Climate Change, has made a commitment to reduce the amount of printed material it produces. Therefore, the 2021-2022 bin calendar will be an online-only document going forward.

Executive Member for Streetscene at Fareham Borough Council, Councillor Ian Bastable, said: “The Council has had the natural environment as a focus for many years and as part of our Climate Change Action Plan we must reduce our carbon footprint and a small part of this is the reduction of printed materials we distribute.

“I fully appreciate that not all our residents have access to the internet or social media, so I urge people to share the information with their family, friends and neighbours. The main message is that there are no changes to the waste collection dates for 2021-2022 and you should continue to put your bins out on your normal days.”

If readers need to report a problem, or have any questions, they are encouraged to visit www.fareham.gov.uk or contact the council on 01329 236100. They can find more on the Council’s Climate Change Action Plan at www.fareham.gov.uk/climatechange.