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Drunken sergeant joins spirits for a top 10 haunt

Gosport-based ghosthunter Tony Ferguson reveals an earlier investigation into suspected paranormal activity involving two visits to Fort Nelson, the brooding edifice looking out over Portsmouth and the Solent…

IN 2020 myself and fellow investigator Paul Cissell visited a haunted fort in Portsmouth – Fort Nelson.

We left a locked-off camera – as we do on all investigations – and a strange light source can be seen following me out of one of the rooms. It even seems to shape shift as it comes closer to me.

This is something I can’t explain. I returned recently, alone, to see what I would encounter in the tunnels where I caught the strange light.

I heard disembodied voices saying get out and also whistles and at this time one of my devices that has to be physically touched started lighting up.


I went to the prison area and noticed there was an information board mentioning a gentlemen who was a prison officer and was caught drinking alcohol on duty. His name was Sergeant Carter and he was locked up as a punishment and took his own life in one of the cells.

I called out just after reading this out and said: “Sergeant Carter are you still here?” A male voice, which was caught on camera, clearly says “Yes”.

Overall, on the two visits so many unexplained things were caught and I would put this location in the top 10 haunted locations in the UK just for the amount of activity on the two visits.

I am looking to return to the location with Portsmouth paranormal events team Ghost2Ghost Paranormal Investigations team to see if we can document anything else and try a few experiments.

Here is the link to the captures

PICTURED: Royal Amouries image of the entrance to Fort Nelson