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Fairtrade Fortnight in Gosport warms to a theme

Report and pictures on GFA events from February 25 to March 12

GOSPORT Fairtrade Action’s (GFA) theme focussed on the threat climate change poses to the future of some of our favourites foods: especially bananas, coffee and chocolate.

Unseasonal weather, more frequent storms, floods and droughts are making it increasingly difficult for farmers to grow these products; their costs have soared and many can no longer meet their living costs and are leaving farming.

However, those who are Fairtrade Certified do have hope as they earn at least a minimum guaranteed Fairtrade price related to their cost of living plus a premium payment to spend on community projects of their choice.  So they can afford to invest in improved environmentally friendly farming methods with training supported by Fairtrade.

A Fairtrade tea party, hosted by the Mayor, and organised by GFA, entertained members of organisations in Gosport involved in various green projects.  Mark Smith, Chair, and Sarah Hirom, Co-ordinator also gave a presentation on the theme, whilst guests tucked in to Fairtrade refreshments including cakes made by GFA members, while doing a quiz. (Pictures 1 and 2)

A raffle of Fairtrade prizes was won by Conor Payne of Utilta, Councillor June Cully and Hilary Prelove of TeenTalk, whilst GFA was very grateful for assistance from members of Level Up. A guest, Rebecca Hull, of Elson Junior School (Wellbeing Allotment) wrote “… thank you for such a lovely event, your information and passion gave us all much to think about.” (Pictures 3 and 4)

Other events and activities: Displays explaining the theme of Fairtrade were further held in areas across Gosport including the Town Hall, Discovery Centre and Elson Library & Community Hub (photo – GFA) Senior Moments at Elson Community Hub enjoyed tasting various Fairtrade coffees, tea and chocolate over a discussion about Fairtrade with GFA members. Earlier in the Fortnight Elson’s Community Hub’s Sewing Group had enjoyed a discussion about Fairtrade cotton. The Hub’s quiz night had included a round of questions about Fairtrade. (Pictures 5 and 6)

Shoppers at Privett Road Co-op on 9th March were greeted by GFA members with a display of Fairtrade goods available in the store. The display explained how choosing Fairtrade products could help keep endangered bananas, coffee and chocolate on our shelves into the future. (Picture 7)

Alverstoke Junior School (a Fairtrade School) held an afternoon tea for parents and an exhibition of students’ art  relating to Fairtrade (Pictures 8 and 9)