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Midnight mystery of the Purbrook children

Gosport paranormal investigator Tony Fergusson continues his series on strange goings-on in and around Porstsmouth with a report about unexplained activity recordeded at Fort Purbrook… 
BELOW is some footage which was caught during a Ghost2Ghost Paranormal Investigations event organised by Debbie Mcall and Emily Cowell.
It was recorded at one of their paranormal events involving the general public which included many sceptics and non-believers.
You can see a strange orb appear on camera but shape-shift. While this happened the visitors to Fort Purbrook, in Portsmouth, were hearing young children’s voices, even one crying, and unexplained footsteps.
Built in 1870, the fort,  is on Portsdown Hill. There was no reason why we would be hearing children at midnight in the tunnels and they sounded like they were in the same room.
The amazing thing about these captures is that they were witnedd by a mixed bunch of sceptics, non-believers and believers. But everybody heard the children’s voices and the camera picked up on this.
Also, while filming the public you can see something appear and just change shape. This is something as an investigator who visits many locations and is very sceptical of a lot of things I cannot explain.
Fort Purbrook – which is next to Fort Widley – is linked to it by two tunnels and that could be a reason why a lot of unexplained things are going on. Could it be that spirits travel along the tunnels?
Because of the activity we witnessed and recorded,  I can say that Purbrook, like Fort Widley, is in my top 10 haunted locations across the UK.
PICTURED: Spiral staircase leading to the tunnels at Fort Purbrook